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Opto Coupler A1458 jahmmeag




Ideal as a spare motor for REx or EDF-powered choppers and tractors. Specifications: Size: 12 x 12 x 12 mm Voltage: 220 V Weight: 30 g (unplugged) Price: € 12 (series/box) VAT included. Cable and connectors: 5 x 5 cm terminal connectors (outlet) with 5.5 mm and 8 mm plug. 5 x 10 cm main cable with 3 x 8 mm plug. 5 x 10 cm cable with 6 or 8 mm plug. 1 x 12 cm terminating cable with 6 mm and 8 mm plug. 1 x 12 cm terminating cable with 4 mm and 8 mm plug. Free delivery to all European countries! We have been delighted to receive a very positive feedback from your clients. Many of them are not happy about that their AIM motors were unplugged. However, we are working hard to continue to deliver the best value and quality motors to all our clients. As you may know, the AIM motors are designed to be unplugged for simple transportation. However, our goal is to always improve our products. We hope you will also like our new products! Automatic upgrade to new versions! We are sure that you will be delighted with our newest products, so you will never have to change your current version. New version will be automatically available if you have any outstanding balance with us. Moreover, we are going to introduce an automatic upgrade to new versions for all old orders! With a few clicks you will be notified if new versions will be available. You will be able to automatically upgrade your products. New service The manufacturing of our new products starts in October 2015. You can be the first to know about the new products by subscribing our newsletter. We will be sending out all new product information, prices and updates. We are glad that you will be satisfied with all our products. Your feedback is very important for us! Let us know if you have any problems with our products or shipping. About us We are a small company, located in the Netherlands. We only sell to industrialists and professionals. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please send an email to sales at rare pectoralis minor muscle as an



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Opto Coupler A1458 jahmmeag
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