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Aviva Community Fund - eARThworks

We have started a CrowdFunding project to try and raise £7400.00 to run a 3 month art installation which will engage the local community and focus on making positive changes to stop climate change.

What we want to do with this project

We would like to create an art project that would take place in Sheffield Station with a focus on climate change and the issues affecting our planet. This would provide a platform for our artists to exhibit their work while also adding an interactive and public engagement element that would spread awareness and encourage positive action around climate change and environmental issues.

The project would engage the public with interactive activities such as art workshops, handing out wildflower seeds, and QR codes on the artworks leading people to social media where they can share their creations and learn about ways that they can have a positive impact.

How this will make a difference in our community

12.5 million people pass through Sheffield station a year, this presents a fantastic opportunity for exposure for our artists work, and for spreading positive messages on climate action to a large number of people.

Our eARThworks project would…

Engage the public in awareness around climate change and action that can be taken

Provide a platform for our artists to exhibit work which has a social purpose

Enrich the public spaces in the train station with art and interactive activities

And Engage with local schoolchildren and give them the opportunity to exhibit their work, while also engaging them in conversations around climate change

What your contributions will do

The funding we are asking for would pay for staff to run workshops, pay for the art materials, and the cost of running the exhibitions and outreach projects. The more money we raise the more groups we can support to get involved and the more people that get involved will have a bigger impact on climate change.

To support us please visit our official crowdfunding page by clicking on the button below.

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