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Exhibitions and Events

A key aim of ArtWorks is supporting our artists to have the opportunity and access to exhibit their artwork at our regionʼs most established art venues, internationally by entering pieces into creative competitions and exhibitions, and at our own events which we produce for local communities. Take a look below at the examples of exhibitions and events which we have produced!


In August 2022 our artists took part in ArtBomb Festival. The idea for the artwork which they created was born out of our Sustainability Project and a workshop in Rotherham Town Centre with artist Mike Stubbs and the Climate Emergency Services van. 

The artwork consisted of animal masks and a sound piece which were used in a performance during which our artists paraded through Doncaster City Centre. The aim of the work was to raise awareness of extinct species and ones at risk of extinction. The masks used in the performance were then exhibited for the remainder of the festival. 

Survival! Now!

ArtBomb Festival 2022



Through July and August 2022 artists Philip Chapman and Lisa Fairchild exhibited their work at the Wakefield Cathedral cafe. Their individual artwork, though very different by subject and style, was joined together by the common use of bright colours. Phil exhibited a series of pieces created with line drawing and vinyl on clear acrylic, and Lisa exhibited drawings and prints.

Phil and Lisa also took part in Art Walk Wakefield on 27th July, where they had the opportunity to discuss their practice with the public. 


The Free exhibition was produced by ArtWorks in collaboration with The Art Social, Yes to Ventures and Burton Street. It was a collaborative exhibition which showcased work from three of Sheffield’s day services. The artwork displayed in the exhibition was not contextualised under a common theme, instead it showcased pieces simply for what they were- artwork which was materialised during a period of inspiration for the artists and a need to output creatively, completely unique to each person. 

Involved artists not only created work for the exhibition, but also supported its installation. This is a great practical activity which reinforces their professional skills within the creative industries. 

IMG_0178 2.HEIC
World Cultures:

The exhibition at Clifton Park Museum exhibited a body of research into a new type of multisensory museum experience completed by our artists. We experimented with exploring artefacts from the World Cultures collection through the senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell, and engaged in exciting new processes including 3-D scanning and printing and creating fragrances. 

The aim of the new museum experience is to leave a lasting impact on museum audiences and bring attention to the individual ways in which all of us experience the world around us. The exhibition included an interactive area where the public was invited to engage their senses in creating a response to the objects created by our artists. The exhibition was so popular with the public that it was extended to run through the whole summer of 2022!

A Multi-Sensory Experience



The ArtWorks artists took part in a residency at Yorkshire Artspace over July and August 2022. This consisted of 5 weeks of workshops with 4 artists who are studio holders at Yorkshire Artspace and a celebratory exhibition at the end. 

We worked with artists Mandy Gamsu, Becca Brown, Christopher Jarratt and Richard Johnson, exploring new materials and using the flora outside Exchange Place studios as inspiration. We had a great time working with all of the artists and will be using the new skills to enhance our own parctices back in our ArtWorks studios. 

Summer 2022 Residency

at Yorkshire Artspace


Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 12.14.13.png
Michael's World

This was the first solo digital exhibition by artist Michael Costen. On display was a wide range of pieces on varying subjects which Michael has explored over many years of drawing. Most recently Michael has been very passionate about the environment. This was documented through multiple climate change pieces which featured Michael's favourite locations and animals. 


Michael built the digital space and curated it himself. He is a very fast worker, so it was difficult to choose a small selection of pieces which narrated his practice, but we think that he made great curatorial choices designing the virtual space. 

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 11.07.19.png

In June 2022 we transported Inman Pavilion in Stocksbridge back to 1953. We recreated the street parties which celebrated Queen Elizabeth's coronation to honour the Platinum Jubilee.


Our artists created decorations and props and designed a cafe menu informed by food served at the parties in 1953. We all dressed in costume and ran various stalls, competitions, creative workshops and games to create a fun and educational event for the local community. 

Queen's Jubilee Celebration


Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 10.29.26.png

Abstract was the first solo digital exhibition by artist Daniel Hatfield. It displayed the artist's style which focuses on colour, mark making and texture. It also gave insight into Daniel's making process which begins with a few  randomly selected colours, splashed onto the canvas and then pushed around with a brush, regularly destroying a few paintbrushes in the process. Daniel's paintings are rarely done in one session, instead taking weeks of layers and work to get to the final image. Sometimes the pieces are only “done for now”

Daniel Hatfield



At the beginning of 2022 our artists launched a competition for everyone in Sheffield and the local area designed to generate more excitement for the UEFA Women's EUROS 2022.


We produced a video titled Football Stories in collaboration with Sheffield F.C. and Football Unites, Racism Divides and invited the public to create artwork in response to it. Winning work was displayed on cement blocks in Sheffield City Centre throughout the course of the EUROS in July, 

Competition and artwork display



In March 2022 our artists had the amazing opportunity to create work in response to and exhibit it at the Wakefield Cathedral. The exhibition was part of the Response Drawing project and it consisted of small and large scale paper drawings, six spire sculptures embellished with drawn marks, and a digital film which captured the drawing process as if the viewer was underneath the working surface. Even Keir Starmer came to see it!

Lazy Compline


A Sketchbook Insight:

This was the first solo digital exhibition by artist Phil Chapman. Phil built and curated the digital space himself, arranging the artwork to replicate the order in which he filled his sketchbook. The drawings in the exhibition were dedicated to the 1980’s TV series ‘Prison Cell Block H’, a programme which Phil was introduced to by his grandparents. 

Prison Cell Block H by Philip Chapman


We Wonder Noir

Our artists have been commissioned to create a piece for the We Wonder Noir 2022 festival on the theme of 'listen'. They responded with an installation piece which consisted of a sculptural composition of objects which looked like they have been packed up and abandoned for years. The objects engaged in conversation, voiced by our artists, which revealed the creative story of a collection of kitchen objects which tried to run away. Visitors to the festival found the sculpture of escapee kitchen objects later on their route around the venue. This multi-layered piece allowed our artists to experiment with a great range of skills and find strengths in new areas of creative practice. 



WhatsApp Image 2022-08-17 at 2.57.56 PM.jpeg
Nightfall Light Festival

In November 2021 ArtWorks produced a light installation for the Nightfall Light Festival in Middlesborough. Our artists designed the artwork, Canopy of Stars, in response to the theme of the festival, Stellar Rainbow. It consisted of a canopy of nearly 1000 stars, onto which a colourful video was projected, reflecting star shapes onto the group below. Inspiration for the artwork came from the need for togetherness during lockdown and how looking up at the stars makes us feel connected to everybody else on the planet who looks up at the same night sky. 

Canopy of Stars: Stellar Rainbow



ArtWorks Together 2021 was an international arts competition designed to offer adults with learning disabilities, autism or both the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent to the entire world. 


The competition received over 1000 entries from around the world. 34 shortlisted artists had their work exhibited in a digital exhibition and 9 winning pieces were displayed at the Wentworth Woodhouse in June 2021. The competition was also accompanied by a series of digital events, including interviews with the artists, and free creative public workshops in the gardens at Wentworth Woodhouse run by ArtWorks artists and staff. 

International Arts Competition


Open Studios

Our first Open Studios event took place on Saturday 25th September 2021. Our artists really enjoyed finally having the opportunity to showcase their work and explain their creative processes and ideas to their families and visitors.

Family and friends were invited to our three sites at Malin Bridge, SOAR Works and Thorpe Hesley to see the work which we have been working on and experience the environment in which it has been made.


JOHNSEY X ArtWorks view of exhibition

This exhibition featured work made during a collaborative project between a group of artists from ArtWorks and Johnsey.  These works are a mark-making exchange, which explore creating work responding to sounds, our senses and the fun, but sometimes uncomfortable process of making art together.

They show not only shared connections made between the artists, but also the human connections and shared experiences that are happening through the making of each piece.



Chris' Classic Albums' is the first solo exhibition of one of the ArtWorks artists, Chris Senior. Chris has employed his unique drawing and painting style to recreate famous album covers from the 20th century. He worked on this collection for over a year prior to the exhibition!


The exhibition also featured some of Chris' other work including Sheffield scenery and portraiture. It was a fun and enjoyable introduction to Chris' artwork. 


Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 15.43.49.png
Hope Shines

‘Hope Shines’ aimed to brighten the day of the village residents by showing uplifting messages of support and hope when reflecting on the last 12 months. The designs have been created by ArtWorks artists in hope it adds a smile to the day of the people passing by. During these unusual times, creativity and community are more important than ever. 


As many galleries have been closed due to restrictions we decided that an outdoor exhibition within our local community would be the perfect opportunity to begin showing our art work to the world again! 



While all galleries were shut during the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to turn the Sheffield streets into a gallery and bring our art to the local public. Drop the Pin was our first billboard exhibition, featuring work created collaboratively by ArtWorks and Johnsey through the response drawing sessions. It was an opportunity for our artists to share their work with the public while access to other exhibiting platforms was limited in December 2019. 


Retroverse- view of exhibition

Retroverse was Josh Garcia’s first solo online exhibition organised in partnership with ArtWorks. The exhibition featured 63 pieces of digital and traditional art created since the start of Covid-19 pandemic, all of it created in a ‘Retro’ style taking inspiration from 1930’s cartoon, the 1980’s and 1990’s animation. Many of the works shown in this exhibition represented current events in society while others gave a nod to nostalgia. Josh is a skilled illustrator who balances important themes with light-hearted comedy.


Josh Garcia 


ArtWorks Together- Creativity in Lockdow

ArtWorks Together – Creativity through Lockdown was an online exhibition organised by 70 artists with learning disabilities and autism. Before lockdown the artists often collaborated with one another, but the pieces on display were created by each artist individually using materials sent out by ArtWorks – showcasing their unique style and the character.


Creativity in Lockdown


Gallery view- Portait paiting on the wall

Reflection showcased the work of some of our newest members of ArtWorks Rotherham through collection of self-portraits in a range of mediums including paint, textiles, illustration, digital art and photography.  The exhibition took take place at Coterie Gallery in July 2019. 


Artists laid on colourful floor
Exhibition view of painting and artwork on the walls and floor

This was a month-long residency project with Site Gallery during which our artists created work together with local established creatives. The residency explored our artists' chosen themes of movement, environment and light through engagement with new creative media introduced by the external artists. At the end of the residency, created artwork was displayed to the public during a celebratory exhibition. 


WE ARE HERE showcased works by our artists at Bloc Projects in November 2018. All the works featured were bright and vivid featuring neon and fluorescent colours.  

millennium gallery, view of bowling pin artwork

This was an exhibition of work produced and curated by our artists in response to the 2017 Special Olympics. It focused on achievement, self believe, collaborative practice and teamwork. The pop-up exhibition was on for 3 days and brought in just over 1400 people.


Two people hanging artwork on the wall

this exhibition took place at The Civic, Barnsley. Our artists focused on the wildlife and environment they have seen first hand during our volunteer placement at Wentworth Woodhouse.  Some pieces carefully illustrated the animals they have seen, whilst others created artwork through marks made with foliage found in the gardens. 


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