UEFA Women's EUROS 2022
 Design Competition

The ArtWorks artists have designed a competition for all Sheffield residents to celebrate the Women's EUROS this year. We would like to invite you to take part!


Through collaboration with Sheffield F.C. and Football Unites, Racism Divides we have produced a short documentary in which our artists collect stories form female football players through a series of interviews. Watch Football Stories below to find out about the importance of women's football for the players, why more women would benefit from playing football and what we can do to better support women's games. 

The task for the competition is to produce an artwork in response to the video, using the template below. Winning artwork will be displayed on cement blocks in the Sheffield City Centre throughout the course of the EUROS in July. This means that your artwork could be seen by thousands of local people and tourists visiting the city for the EUROS!

Click on the PDF icon to access the design template:

(we recommend printing the template on A3 paper)

Your artwork can be in any 2-dimensional medium including drawing, painting and digital media. It can be made by solo artists or collaboratively by groups. The design does not have to be submitted using the template, but please use it for the correct dimensions of the cement block shape. Also please use bright colours in your design which will clearly stand out in the city centre landscape. 


Please send all submissions by email to



In your submission, please include your name, age and a few sentences explaining how you feel about the Women's Euros 2022. Deadline for submissions is 9pm on 15th May. 


Artwork selected through the competition must be posted after selection so that it can be photographed in high resolution for transfer onto the blocks.

This project was made possible thanks to funding from: