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Our artists have really enjoyed painting murals and having their artwork permanently visible in public spaces. Over the years, they have had lots of exciting opportunities to decorate walls, windows, fences and rooftops- you can find their artwork all over South Yorkshire! Check out their work below and make sure to contact us with any mural opportunities. 


The window vinyl titled Bubbles will be up in the Millennium Gallery window until July 2024! The idea for this mural came from watching our artists blowing bubbles at lunchtime and seeing the joy which they brought. It was refreshing to see this after a long period of restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. We used bubble in this artwork as a symbol of community, bringing people together through play. 



Commissioned by Cycling4All, our artists designed a beautiful landscape with different types of bicycles rolling down the hills to adorn a container wall in Hillsborough Park. This mural was particularly fun to do as we were allowed to finish each day of painting by having a go on the bikes around the park!


Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 14.09.12.png
Woodhouse Train Station

The mural for the Woodhouse Train Station was produced in collaboration with Rotherham Opportunities College. The design was created collaboratively over Zoom as the process took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.59.19.png
Wildflower Cabin

In 2021 we were commissioned once again by Wentworth Woodhouse to create a mural, this time for one of their cabins. We took inspiration from the gardens surrounding the stately home and used muted colours to create a peaceful atmosphere for all visitors. 


Secret Garden Mural

This mural covers the entrance hall to the Wentworth Woodhouse gardens.  In 2020, we were commissioned by Wentworth Woodhouse to complete the mural to make the entrance way more beautiful for the public accessing the garden.


Artists painting RoofTop Boards

 We were commissioned to create two painted boards to line the rooftop tour at Wentworth Woodhouse.  We created bright vibrant designs which could be read from a distance.


Making of Twinkl Mural, group of artists painting mural

When artist Florence Blanchard asked if we could help out with her new project at Twinkl we couldn't refuse.  We're really happy to be part of this project, which will bring another beautiful and inspiring piece of street art to the city.  Twinkl provides an online catalogue of more than 625,000 resources and services for schools and educators.


Bloc Projects Mural

Our artists are taking over the streets of Sheffield with their bright and larger than life murals.  Our friends at Bloc Projects asked us to brighten up their billboards and we think our artists did an amazing job. You can admire their fantastic work by popping down to Eyre Lane.  Make sure you check out the latest exhibition at Bloc Projects whilst you're there!


Cliff House Mural

Cliff House

Our artists created the colourful mural at Cliff House Care Home in Chesterfield. Cliff House provides 40 bedded accommodation offering dementia, residential, and respite care and care for those with mental health needs.  We hope our beach hut inspired mural will bring sunshine to the residents all year round.


The local cafe

In 2019, our artists spent one month transforming The Local Theatre's premises.  A team of artists have been turning the cafe space into a work of art, using black and white line work to outline furniture and decorations which could be found in the space. We think that the outcome is very effective. 

Theatre Deli Mural- painting on wall

We have been funded by Theatre Deli to create a mural outside their new building (an old umbrella factory) in the Centre of Sheffield.  Our artists worked to a brief set by Theatre Deli and came up with the beautiful umbrella inspired piece.  Eleven of our artists worked together over a two week period in June 2018 and we think they’ve done an amazing job!

The Cellar Mural

The Cellar 

Our artists were approached by the lovely guys at DINA to design and create another Mural for The Cellar, Sheffield’s newest fringe theatre. Artists Chris and Elliott worked on the design work to a brief, and and were supported by some of our other artists to translate the design onto a large wall surface. 


Sheffield Wednesday

Our artists were approached by Sheffield Wednesday FC to help them create a mural in their family enclosure for the EFL Family Excellence Award in 2017.  It took 5 of our artists just 6 days to complete the full mural which celebrates equality and diversity. 

Feature Walls

Please click below to download our portfolio


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