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Meet the lovely ArtWorks team!

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Liz has worked with adults with learning disabilities for 23 years and has a background in SEN teaching. She has organised successful exhibitions and published disabled art gallery screenings in Sheffield, meaning her contacts in the art world are vast.  Liz also holds a level 5 qualification in management and care.

Fun Fact!

I will never be seen with out my dog Tyson




Kayleigh initially worked for ten years as a location manager on television programmes and films for companies such as BBC, ITV, Film4, Sony Pictures, and Sky before finding her true calling in the third sector.  She has now worked with adults with learning disabilities for 10 years and holds her Level 5 qualification in management and care.

Fun Fact!

My favourite thing about ArtWorks is every day we are doing different amazing projects and we never say no to a new challenge. 




Emma has a background in both arts and care. After completing her master’s degree in Curatorial Practice she worked as a freelance curator and co-ordinator for organisations such as The International Schools Theatre Association, Arts for Health Cornwall and Royal Polytechnic Society.  After moving to Sheffield she spent 2 years co-ordinating a respite fund at Sheffield Carers Centre before joining our team.

Fun Fact!

My favourite artist is Katie Paterson


Creative Arts Co-ordinator


Dominika has a Fine Art BA from Sheffield Hallam University, and is now studying an MA in Arts and Cultural Management. She has been working at ArtWorks since 2019, but her experience of leading creative workshops for vulnerable groups began through voluntary work in 2016. Between 2019-20 Dominika was also an intern at Site Gallery, where she worked on participatory projects.

Fun Fact!

If I could be an animal for a day I would be a penguin.


Creative Arts Co-ordinator


Chris has worked with autistic children and adults, along with people with learning disabilities for over 25 years. He has studied Psychology BSC (Hons) and Applied Psychology of Learning disabilities (MSc) at Sheffield Hallam and Portsmouth Universities. Chris is a keen hiker and loves camping, he is a qualified expedition leader and enjoys teaching our service users about ‘the great outdoors’. He was born on a farm and is passionate about horses.

Fun Fact!

My hidden talent is horse riding


Care Co-ordinator


Paul has supported adults with autism and learning disabilities in many different capacities for 15 years. As a none artist, every day he learns a new skill! Paul loves being part of a team that empowers the artists that attend Artworks. 

Fun Fact!

My hidden skill is being a beekeeper!


Care Manager


John has been a practicing artist for well over a decade, working in a variety of artistic styles, but predominately large-scale drawings. He has also seen his work published a few times (perhaps notable, a feature in Now Then magazine), co curated group shows, and has just recently completed a Fine Art Masters degree a couple of years ago. 

Fun Fact!

My hidden talent is being able to reel off the populations UK town and cities


Creative Arts Workshop Leader

Michael caricature.JPG

Michael is a filmmaker born and raised in West Yorkshire. Michael has worked in factual television for new and returning programmes broadcasting on Channel 5 and ITV 4. He currently works to develop the filmmaking practice of adults with learning by pursuing independent film projects. He is a University of Lincoln graduate with BA in Media Production. 

Fun Fact!

My hidden talent I am really, truly, not bad at skateboarding.


Film & Animation Workshop Leader


Ann specialises in teaching life skills at ArtWorks and runs sessions ranging from cooking, food hygiene, money management and kitchen safety.  Ann has over 10 years experience supporting adults with learning disabilities and 25 years experience working with older people.  Before joining ArtWork's Ann ran the Green Cake Cafe at Love Street, which was a community cafe run by staff with learning disabilities. 

Fun Fact!

My favourite meal is Sunday Lunch and Coffee and Walnut Cake


Life Skills Workshop Leader


Johnsey is a professional artist who has been working and collaborating with ArtWorks for the past three years. He graduated in BA Fine Art from Middlesex University, London in 2010 and has exhibited his work internationally. Most recently he completed a residency at the Fish Factory Creative Centre in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland in 2018.

Fun Fact!

If your life was a movie, what would it be called? A day at the Circus


Creative Arts Workshop Leader

Rach Caricature.JPG

Rachael is an artist based in Derbyshire. She has been making art for as long as she can remember and graduated from Sheffield Hallam in 2019 with a degree in Fine Art. Rach lives on the edge of the Peak District and spends as much time as she can there, taking inspiration from the landscapes and plants, which feeds her own work. She also has interests in design and general crafty things! She started working at ArtWorks in 2020. 

Fun Fact!

My hidden talent is being able to play the clarinet and saxophone!


Creative Arts Workshop Leader

Katie caricature.jpg

Katie has been with ArtWorks for 3 years as an Art Workshop Leader.  Originally from Leeds she moved to Sheffield to study her BA in Creative Art Practice. She has over 10 years of experience with working with children and adults with physical and learning disabilities.

At Artworks I have had the privilege to work with an extremely talented team of people who all support one another.

Fun Fact!

If you could be any animal what would it be? Rabbit or a swallow or better yet a hybrid of both, a Swabbit.


Creative Arts Workshop Leader

Jordanna Caricature.jpg

Jordanna has been working in an educational role for the past fourteen years. She originally trained as a qualified teacher but moved on to becoming self employed, running creative workshops with a focus on wellbeing. Within that time she specialised in working with people with an ASD. Jordanna is passionate about the positive effects of art and as such she is completing a part time Masters in art psychotherapy.

Fun Fact!

My favourite artist is David Mankin.


Creative Arts Workshop Leader

Julia Caricature.jpg

Julia is a self-employed dancer, actor and creative with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.  Her background gives her the various skills required to support the variety of projects, workshops and events happening at ArtWorks.  She is passionate about empowering adults with learning disabilities, autism or both and is proud to play a part in achieving ArtWorks goals to do this.

Fun Fact!

An interesting fact about me is that I was once an extra in Dr Who where i got turned in to zombie.


Creative Arts Workshop Leader

Julie Caricature.jpg

Julie is a self taught artist from Sheffield whose work focuses on painting and craft.  After discovering she was dyslexic as a child Julie found art gave her an outlet to express herself and she has been creative ever since.  Julie has completed a course in interior design and has recently undertaken an art commission for Steel Vallery Art.  She takes inspiration from nature and the world around us and creates beautiful paintings of flowers, plants and landscapes. 

Fun Fact!

My favourite artists are Monet and Klimt.

Creative Arts Workshop Leader



Beth  is an artist with a background in fashion and textiles. She graduated from Sheffield Hallam in 2019 with a degree in Fashion Design and has developed her practice to involve illustrations, characters, and all sorts of crafts. She joined the ArtWorks team in 2020.

Fun Fact!

Her favourite things are dogs, glitter and cheese. 


Creative Arts Workshop Leader