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Environments’ exhibition 2019

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Some of our artists had their work submitted to Environments’, the 2019 exhibition by Outside In. The exhibtion showcases work from 80 artists whose work explores characters, human figures and the natural world.

The exhibition is on at Piano Nobile Kings Place in London’s Kings Cross until 01 January 2020. Artists Chrissie and Alistair attended a special event on 8th November at Piano Nobile Kings Place. Judges Grayson Perry, Cathy Pilkington and Robert Travers voted Alistair as their third runner up.

Outside In and ArtWorks artist Alistair Clayton reveals his clay sculpture ‘Buddha’ is inspired by “the erosion of the environment over time whether its man made or natural’.

Chrissie Buckthorpe’s watercolour of Sunset over Birdwell is the result of a bus journey taken through the district of Birdwell, which is located between Sheffield and Barnsley, one evening. Chrissie said: “I just happened to see a beautiful sunset and a great view. I was lucky to take a good photo when I was on the upper deck of the moving bus and I used that photo to produce this painting.


Alistair Clayton

I started making art when I was aged 13. I get a pen and paper and it happens spontanesously. It is the result of drawing for years and years. Sometimes my work represents how I feel, for example stressed or calm.

Theres an aspect to art about what is aesthetically pleasing rather than how it makes you feel. I can appreciate the photo realism work but I enjoy the crazier abstract art. I enjoy looking at other people’s work.

I have exhibited my work before in Sheffield at the Millenium Gallery.



Chrissie Buckthorpe

I’ve been doing artwork since I was a child. A possible reason why I am so creative is that I inherited it from my mum’s side of the family, she showed me a lot of art and my Grandad did art as well. I used to watch Art Attack when I was younger as well.

I can get inspiration from other artists and photos. When I did the elements project, I did a lot of research and use my sketchbook to show the research.

When I go out, my parents and I take photographs and I use those for inspiration in my artwork.

I am currently working on a 3D sculpture based on the Eden Project. It is patchwork and consists of hexagons and pentagons made out of different fabrics.

Art is quite therapeutic and makes me feel relaxed. Art is like something I can get on with whether it’s in the studio or at home watching the tv.

Art is like a thing I could make a good career out of.

I also like doing music. I sing in Rock Choir. I sometimes play acoustic guitar and sometimes go to open mic nights. I do covers of various songs.


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