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Twinkl teams up with Sheffield artists to create colourful mural

The mural, will take pride of place along a wall on Twinkl Way, a private road owned by Twinkl Educational Publishing which runs between the arch at Ward's Exchange, close to the company's headquarters.

The wall is around 70 metres long and three metres high, and runs along the side of the Twinkl's newly opened office at Hallamshire Business Park, on Napier Street, creating the perfect blank canvas for the bright, geometric style mural which has been designed by artist Florence Blanchard.

Florence, a muralist and screenprinter, was voted for by Twinkl employees out of a selection of artists from Sheffield and for the next month or so, she will work alongside members of Artworks, a not-for-profit creative arts organisation which works with adults who have learning disabilities.

"It is an honour to be invited to do the mural," Florence said. "The wall on Twinkl Way is an ideal canvas as its length means there is plenty of space to develop the piece and it's in great condition. I'm excited to get started."

Florence's work is inspired by her experience working as a scientist and writing graffiti, and features bold, geometric patterns inspired by molecules.

A team from Artworks have already painted the wall with a basecoat in preparation for the mural.

Kayleigh Cruickshank, Founder of Artworks, said: "We're really happy to be part of this project, which will bring another beautiful and inspiring piece of street art to the city. Collaborating with local artists and businesses, such as Florence and Twinkl, has always helped give our artists a chance to develop new skills and further their love and knowledge of art."

Dom, a member of Artworks, added: "I enjoy having different experiences and trying different things, like this project with Florence. It's nice for artists from Artworks to be able to help out."

It is hoped the mural will connect Twinkl's headquarters with its new office and be in-keeping with the company's fun and creative ethos.

Jonathan Seaton, Co-founder and CEO of Twinkl, said: “There is so much amazing work happening in the arts across Sheffield and we are delighted to be working with Florence and Artworks.

“Florence’s work is inspired by her time studying and working in science and this love of learning and blend of subjects really reflects Twinkl’s work in education.”

Twinkl provides an online catalogue of more than 625,000 resources and services for schools and educators and has offices in Sheffield, as well as Manchester and Australia.

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Derek Dawson

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