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The Bradgate Band - CD Launch

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

During the Covid 19 lockdown, ArtWorks staff member John worked at Step Residential Home in Rotherham supporting a group of ArtWorks Artists in their own homes. During this time the group began experimenting with song writing and making music and decided to form The Bradgate Band.

Livin la Vida Lockdown is the debut album of The Bradgate Band, a collaboration between Chris Harvey, Mat, Richard and John Ledger, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The album consists of 12 songs including titles such as ‘I don’t like cherries’ and ‘Get it into your head’. The musicians articulate the process of re-evaluating ourselves and our basic daily life, which has been a result of the lockdown experience.

The unique sound on the album fuses electronic melodies and acoustic guitars, together with the raw and honest vocals of the band members. In this way the artists capture the strength of our individual human voices, which have become so prominent during lockdown.

The album cover features artwork created by the band in their home with support from Christopher Johns.

Buy the album at £9.00 from our website, and find it on all major music distribution sites.

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